The cost of a wedding photographer

Believe it or not, the average cost of a wedding in Australia in 2015 was pegged at $65,482 – that’s double the average from when I was married in 2011! Hmm, I can hear a lot of jaws dropping… It’s a whopping number, but there’s nothing to say you can’t pull off a beautiful and amazing wedding for a small portion of that average. You just need to weigh up what matters most to you. You have a photographer, flowers, venue, transport, decorations, food, drink, celebrants, hair and make up to think of, well to name a few anyway.

I’m not going to lie, photographers don’t come cheap! If you want your entire day covered, you’re going to find it hard to do so for under 3 or 4 thousand dollars. Seems like a lot doesn’t it? It is, but this person is also charged with the responsibility of documenting the biggest day of your life – one you can’t repeat (especially if you’ve paid the national average to stage it). You will always find a cheap alternative, and again there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, as long as photography isn’t high on your importance agenda and you’ve found someone with a style you like and that you can trust…  What your paying for first and foremost, is vision. That style we spoke about, it all comes down to a vision a photographer has set out to create to tell the story of their clients. Then of course there’s the 20-odd grand worth of gear they’ll need to lug around with them, insurance, tax, marketing, editing and so on and so on, your photographer will be lucky to net an average yearly wage from a year’s worth of average-priced weddings!

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

Sometimes what you’re paying for is purely the safety in professionalism. The chances of a memory card corrupting, or a camera failing are always pretty slim. A well seasoned and often well-priced photographer will have back ups of everything. Duplicates of all your photos, back up cameras, back up lenses, back up hard drives, back ups of back ups.  You can sleep at night knowing that unless a nuclear strike wipes your photographer out, you will get your wedding images. Like I said, that chances are slim, but slim chances still eventuate for some poor souls every day of the week.

At the end of the day, you need to find a happy medium in investing in the items you love and want for your wedding and perhaps pulling back on those you don’t. Images may be high on that list and it may be low and your budget should reflect accordingly.

Ben Whitmore