Scott + Jess // Tamborine Wedding

You can't get closer to being married on, or inside a cloud as Scott and Jess' Mt Tamborine wedding at St Bernards Hotel. In the lead up to the wedding, we'd discussed how great Gold Coast weddings are in the winter. The weather is normally dry, sunny and temperatures are mildly chilly making for a more comfortable day, especially for the lads in three-piece suits. 

Unseasonably though, the Gold Coast experienced a wet winter this year, in fact, it's been a fairly wet year in general for couples getting married on the Gold Coast this year! 

However, if you had to have a wet wedding, this was going to be the wedding you'd want. Only a slight sprinkling of rain coupled with the most amazing mist and cloud cover made for a dramatic and cinematic backdrop for Scott and Jess. Add to that, Jess' princess-like dress and you have the makings of a real-life Disney movie. 

The team at St Bernards did an amazing job moving the ceremony venue indoors and accommodating the guests in the unseasonably cold 14-degree weather and Scott and Jess took everything in their stride.