Happy Holidays

Nikon F100 35mm Film Camera

Merry Christmas and happy New Year! I suppose it's time I started blogging again. For Christmas I did a little trading, buying and selling of cameras. A new Hasselblad 500cm, Nikon 301 and this... The infamous Nikon F100 made it's way to my mailbox. I bought this particular F100 from a seller in Japan. The Japanese are renowned for being great sellers and often over deliver with great service and mint condition products. This F100 was no exception. 

F100, Kodak Tri X 400 @1600

The F100 arrived on Christmas Eve - just in time to test run some Tri X 400 through it on Christmas Day! 

I rated the film at 1600 as this camera can shoot up to 8000th of a second, so at 1600 iso I would be covered indoors and out in the Queensland summer sun.... or so I thought. It rained all day Christmas day here on the Gold Coast, but I had a ball punching through 36 frames throughout the day. 

It's too early to give this camera a full review as I've only finished the one roll, but already I feel it's going to be a regular on my hip at weddings and engagement sessions. A beautiful camera to use along with the amazing glass Nikon offer. 

Stay tuned for more from the F100, not to mention all the new orphan cameras I re-homed over Christmas.