Day in the life maternity shoot

Let's face it, there's plenty of cliche maternity photos out there. One quick search of Pinterest and you'll be confronted with endless scrolls of heavily photoshopped and rather awkwardly posed mums-to-be wearing the same split-bellied white sheer dress and smiling from ear to ear at the impending birth of their child. Let's get one thing straight, I have nothing against that – a mother should have the photos in a style she connects with so she can look back on such a precious and short-lived moment for years to come.

I however prefer to tell a mother and/or father's story as happens to be on any given day. When I look back at my wife's first pregnancy, she rarely wore a split-bellied sheer dress and she rarely contorted her fingers to make a love heart shape on her stomach. Instead we would often spend ours in bed contemplating the arrival of our son, spend time prepping our house for the onslaught of children and generally soak up this amazing, yet anxious period in our lives. 

So this is the kind of maternity shoot I love to do. Sure, there's some occasional posing and there's definitely going to be some makeup, but I want my mums and dads to look back at their photos in 10 years time and remember exactly what that feeling of excitement was like and who they were at the time. 

Will and Jess spend their Sundays the same way many Currumbin inhabitants do; a little sleep-in followed by a cafe breakfast (at Good Day Coffee of course) and then hit the beach. When I spoke to them about their maternity shoot, we decided this is exactly the kind of thing we needed to shoot. 

If you're interested in something unique to tell the story of your pregnancy, get in touch with me about a "day in the life" shoot.