Brad + Jess // Gold Coast Wedding

Brad and Jess dedicate a good portion of their lives helping people. Brad as a GP on North Stradbroke Island and Jess as an immigration lawyer. Their wedding guest list was a reflection of those they've met, helped and forged bonds with throughout their lives and to say their wedding was multicultural would be an understatement. 

With Braeside Chapel playing host to the occasion, Brad and Jess' day was an exploding melting pot of culture, laughter and dancing that heavy rain was never going to dampen. 

As their photographer, my instructions were simple. No fuss, no pre prep and nothing very set up, just join the party with a camera in hand to document the day. This is any photographer's favourite brief. So between dance-offs to the beat of African drums, Czech plate smashing, Bollywood dancing, speeches delivering in song, conga lines and a full dance floor, there was plenty to shoot.