Behind the nuptials // Vol 1


This is the first of a “behind the nuptials” series I’ll be posting. Behind every wedding, where the general focus is on the marriage of two people, I love to look for some of the stories that contribute to making a couple who they are. At every single wedding, you will see an interaction, a relationship or tiny snippet of their journey play out in the background that would likely flash by in an instant. These are the moments I seek out, these are the stories I love to tell. 

/ / Make no mistake, there is a whole lot of pressure on Bridesmaids on a wedding day. No matter the configuration of who gets the call up to stand next to a bride, there generally will always be a solitary moment just like this where they can sit back and soak it all in. #behindthenuptials #whileyouweregettinghitched